Buy Luminous Inverter Battery To Power Your Home

Inverter battery is the basic need of your premises in recent years. Be its cities or rural areas power cut is a common issue experienced by the modern generation but now no longer more need to survive without electricity avail for 24/7. There are different types of Luminous Inverter Battery that are well designed by the popular company name Luminous which expertise in manufacturing and sale of inverter batteries in every corner of the world. Especially in India power failure has experienced at a higher level, resulting in the increasing demands of such electronic products powering the home.

With the advancement of modern technological equipment, every home now you find facilitated with full of amenities because almost work has done through electricity nowadays. Aakash Electronics are An Authorized Dealer Luminous Batteries In Noida dealing in manufacturing battery brand and inverter require less maintenance, keep up the performance for throughout life.

Inverter & Battery

Compare other inverter, battery prices by observing the quality and guarantee duration that helps you to make the right choice for a home. Buy the best Luminous inverter, battery in India at reasonable various price ranges depending on the budget potential. You can find and buy by filtering your search about pricing, quality, technology, warranty, feature specifications and many more.

How to Select a Good One For Home

If you are supposed to install inverter battery at home absolutely need to make the finest choice especially for the home. It is important to choose the right appliances to keep running household electronic gadgets simultaneously. Your purchase or inverter battery selection depends on the consumption of power backup & requirements, how many appliances you wish to run during a power failure. These are the most common essentials in everyday life at home.

  • LED lights
  • Television
  • Ceiling fans
  • Computer
  • Washing Machine
  • Refrigerator
  • Laptops

Types Of Inverter

With the technology evolution, there are two types of Inverter however the choice is yours, which one suits better as per your power backup requirements.

  • Pure Sine Wave
  • Square Wave

Pure Sine Wave inverter is the modern technology-based product and a square wave is the baseline product. Both have some significant differences with their specifications as pure sine wave doesn’t create irritating noise from fans and also get rid them of heating.

Backup Time

Backup time of an inverter depends on the voltage and quality of battery that supports inverter. Inverter capacity is rated by VA volt-ampere and accordingly pricing is also different as per the product capacity, quality & guarantee. Aakash Electronics is Luminous Batteries Dealer In Noida dealing in electronic products which guarantee & quality is committed to long life run.

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